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A youthful appearance with dermal fillers Kent

If you are looking for a small increase in volume either in your lips or your cheeks or other areas of your face, but don’t want it to look fake, then try dermal fillers Kent with our experienced team. We have an eye for beauty coupled with the many years of experience working with the anatomy and structure of the face as professional dentists, so you can be assured of our competence in this field.

Whether it is a plump pout that you are looking for, or smoothing out lumps and bumps on your nose, or even adding a bit of depth to your face in certain areas, creating a more fresh and youthful look and reducing dark circles under the eyes, then dermal fillers Kent are a solution that provides immediate gratification and can last upwards of a year, depending on the location of the treatment.

How does the treatment work

The first step is to discuss your expectations and align this to the results that we are confident we can offer you. Only when our plans are aligned can we begin to move forward together, knowing that the final results are going to be positive for you. Once we have decided on a plan, we can progress onto the administration of the dermal fillers Kent and get you enjoying that youthful appearance.

In order to prevent any discomfort, we begin the treatment by applying a local anaesthetic to the region that we will be working on. It only takes a few minutes to inject the filler into the right areas and the results are immediate, allowing us to make those slight adjustments to create a perfect look for you.

For lips, the results will last about 6 months or so and for other areas of the face that have less use, you can expect it to last a year or more. You are free to have follow up treatments as often as you like to maintain the look you’re after, there is no harm in doing this and we recommend it if you are seeking that plumped up look to be a constant for you, rather than momentary.

What are the benefits of this treatment?

The material used is one that occurs naturally in the body, meaning that there is no harm in the treatment itself. It is a non-surgical solution without lasting impacts, so you can choose whether you want to continue having the fillers or to let them naturally wear away over time.

Aftercare involves minimising any exposure to extreme heat or rubbing to protect the area and avoid alcohol consumption during the first 24 hours. Essentially, look after the area that you have plumped up to reduce the potential premature breakdown of the substance used to plump the area. That way, you are able to enjoy the effects for longer.

If you’re interested in hearing more about this treatment and how it can have a positive impact on your life, we advise you to get in touch so we can offer a bespoke consultation.

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