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Considering facial aesthetics Kent?

If you’re considering some of the cosmetic options that are available from your local dentist that go beyond your teeth and gums and focus on the big picture of your smile, then perhaps facial aesthetics Kent can offer you the results that you are looking for.

We can smooth lines and wrinkles and plump certain areas of your face to encourage a youthful, vibrant appearance that gives you the confidence to love the skin you're in.

By speaking to one of our professionals who are highly skilled and expertly trained in facial anatomy and the use of the materials that we have available, you are ensuring that you are giving yourself a balanced and considered approach to the non-surgical cosmetic solutions available. Combining desirable outcomes with ensuring that your look remains natural, fresh and brings out your beauty, rather than trying to imitate that of someone else .

Let us take a look at some of the options that are available to you once you consider facial aesthetics Kent to improve your appearance and allow you to maintain a healthy, fresh glow.

Dermal fillers

One of the most popular treatments that we offer is a dermal filler, in particular, the treatment that focuses on plumping the lips, creating a more defined, full and symmetrical shape that frames your smile.

We can also use these dermal fillers in other areas of your face to enhance your cheekbones, to perform non-surgical rhinoplasty or to plump other areas of your face to create definition, remove dark circles under your eyes or simply add a more youthful appearance.

The substance used is the naturally occurring hyaluronic acid, however what we use is a sterile form made from non-animal sources. We inject it under the skin in the precise amounts and because the effect is immediate, we have the control to ensure that the final result is a pleasing one.


Dentists have used Botox for many treatments prior to the popularity of the toxin increasing because of its ability to remove wrinkles. One of the most common uses for this treatment was to relax the muscles that were responsible for a patient’s sleep apnoea or snoring, allowing for a more rested night’s sleep for all individuals involved.

These days, Botox is often used for facial aesthetics Kent to great effect, allowing patients to not only enjoy the cosmetic benefits, but possibly some other positive side effects, such as the reduction of headaches or teeth grinding when applied in the right areas.

Botox is also injected into specific areas for the desired effect, although the results are not immediate, rather they take about 4-7 days for the full effects to be seen. The toxin works by relaxing certain muscles and as a result, fine lines and wrinkles, particularly around the eyes, mouth and forehead are significantly reduced.

Both of these treatments require a great amount of skill and precision, something a dentist has had many years of experience and training to be able to confidently achieve. If you are looking for phenomenal results, then make sure you choose a professional who knows what they are doing like those at Stangrove Court Dental Practice.

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