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Eager to know what having lip fillers involves? A brief guide by Stangrove Court Dental

Worried that your lips are looking a bit thin and dull?

While you could opt for a plumping lip gloss along with a darker shade of lipstick, this may not be suitable for people who are not too keen on wearing lipstick, or those who have reactions to plumping chemicals being placed on their lips.

And of course, as sagging and thinning lips span across all genders and age categories, it is unwise to assume that every man or woman at any age will want to wear brightly coloured, plumping lipstick!

There is a straightforward solution to thinning lips, which will leave you with a natural-looking result, without causing undue discomfort or stress.

When you come to Stangrove Court Dental Practice for lip fillers Kent, our friendly team will be able to advise you on the number of lip injections you may require and will discuss any potential side-effects with you in advance, allowing you the option to walk away if you want to. If you want to explore other options first, we will be able to point you in the direction for those as well.

So, what does the process of having lip fillers Kent entail? Read on to find out more about this procedure.


First things first, before we start injecting you with lip fillers Kent, we will offer you a consultation.

This will allow you to meet our friendly team, learn more about the procedure and discuss any concerns that you may have about the treatment. We will answer all of your questions using simple, jargon-free language so you are well equipped to decide if this is the treatment for you.

The procedure

Provided that you feel comfortable enough to go ahead, our team will invite you back for a set of injections.

While we may suggest a different type of filler material, we commonly use hyaluronic acid, as it is a naturally occurring protein which plumps the skin, while also boosting the body's production of collagen.

If you have concerns about discomfort, we will be able to offer you either a numbing cream or injection, which will make the injections more comfortable. After each injection is complete, we will pause to show the result. This is for 2 reasons; to ensure you are happy with how it is progressing, and to allow you to stop the procedure if you are pleased with how it looks.

Aftercare and side-effects

While every care will be taken to ensure that our team is gentle, you are likely to experience some soreness and bruising following the injections, which should resolve within 48 hours.

Similarly, there will be some fairly obvious swelling to your lips, but don’t panic! This should reduce in about 2 days, allowing you a chance to see a more accurate end result.

As for aftercare, avoid applying too much pressure to your lips for the first 24 hours, as this may increase the chance of bruising. It is also worthwhile to invest in some over the counter pain relief.

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