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How lip fillers are used to give you the perfect pout

At Stangrove Court Dental Practice we don’t just do dentistry but provide our patients with top quality facial aesthetics treatments as well, including lip fillers Kent.

Lip fillers Kent are a non-surgical, natural solution to augment lips for a more defined, fuller effect. The treatment is straightforward and safe provided it is carried out by a suitably experienced practitioner. A dental practitioner is best suited for facial aesthetic treatments that require specially-formulated solutions to be injected into the treatment site. Our dental practitioner at Stangrove Court Dental Practice is extremely well-skilled in administering injections using very fine needles.

A second point is that professional dental practitioners have a solid understanding of the different areas in the facial structure and how these work. If quality results depend on the practitioner providing the treatment, then it stands to reason to choose a dentist for lip augmentation treatments. Trusting in an unsuitable provider and patients run the risk of an allergic reaction or disproportionate swelling or any other adverse consequence.

The filler compound used in fillers injected into lips comprise of a hyaluronic acid molecule which is naturally found in the body. Hyaluronic acid draws water and is able to achieve a plumper lips effect by being able to effectively support its own weight a thousand times over.

Top benefits of lip fillers Kent

The accessibility to alluring, luscious lips is made convenient and simple at Stangrove Court Dental Practice. Lip augmentation at our practice offers desirable benefits such as:

Quick and painless

Besides the incredible results that can be achieved with lip fillers, another reason for its sustained popularity is that the procedure is relatively quick (appointments can be slotted into your lunch break) and painless. An ultra-fine needle is used by our skilled practitioner (who has performed the procedure countless times) in conjunction with an anaesthetic.

Natural aesthetically-pleasing results

With some aesthetic procedures that are carried out by less-skilled providers, facial aesthetic treatments can create an artificial look but not so with filler procedures available at our practice. Our lip augmentation procedures bring back a soft, smooth, youthful look to lips, accentuating lip outlines and contours.

Touch up sessions extend the effects for longer

As is with the case of other facial filler treatments, patients will need more than one lip augmentation treatment to prolong the fuller lip effect.

Little recovery time

Patients usually can resume their daily activities soon after a lip augmentation session thanks to a fast recovery rate. There is very little risk to the procedure (provided a suitable professional is used)

Lip augmentation is the perfect solution for deflated lips needing more volume and more definition. Is fuller lips at the top of your lips list? Stangrove Court Dental Practice. Our well-experienced dental practitioner who is highly skilled in facial aesthetic procedures is happy to give you full details of our product and what the treatment involves. As a patient-centred practice, it is important to us that a patient fully understands what the procedure they are interested in, involves so that they can make informed decisions about their health and appearance.

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