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We are proud to provide professional lip fillers in Kent and the surrounding areas. Fillers are well known, if not a little misunderstood, due to sensational reporting online or the overselling by less reputable providers.

Here at Stangrove Court Dental Practice let’s try to dispel some myths you may have heard.

Dermal fillers are permanent

Not even close; there is some initial, minor swelling within an hour of receiving a filler. Then the filler will be slowly broken down and absorbed by the body. There will be a noticeable reduction in 4 months, with many patients choosing to receive lip fillers Kent every 6 months.

Fillers contain acid

The primary component in dermal fillers is hyaluronic acid and technically, yes, in its dehydrated purest form, it is an acid. But it always hydrated when applied and will be further hydrated in the patient’s tissues. Hyaluronic acid is found naturally occurring in tissues, diminishing with age and is unlikely to cause inflammation and it is certainly not corrosive.

It's just like Botox

Apart from them both coming out of a syringe, they are very different. Botox 'freezes' small groups of facial muscles, reducing tension and therefore the appearance of wrinkles. Fillers, when used for facial wrinkles are placed under the wrinkle, reducing their appearance by literally filling them.

It's a radical change

This is far from true, most dermal filler procedures are aimed at achieving a subtle, natural and vibrant appearance. A well-applied filler should not be shocking. This myth comes from earlier injection techniques which are no longer used, with plump-and-lift methods being adopted.

Dentists don't do dermal fillers- that's a beauty salon thing

Many beauty salons will provide filling services. At the time of writing, dermal fillers are considered a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure under UK law and can be administered by anyone regardless of qualifications or experience.

Dentists are highly regulated - they and the clinics must meet very high standards to continue practising, with dentistry already having a crossover between medicine and cosmetic treatments. We are uniquely placed and equipped to safely apply lip fillers Kent, with the expertise to achieve your aesthetic goals.

It is always safe to receive fillers

Fillers are considered safe overall, but there are situations where it would be wise to delay or re-consider having dermal fillers performed. If you have a sinus infection, cold sore or if you are going to have a dental procedure immediately afterwards, it would be best to delay having this cosmetic option performed.

If a dermal filling goes wrong, you have to wait for it to recover

This myth comes from salons, who only stock fillers and not the enzymes to remove them. An unwanted filler can be treated with enzyme injections, removing them in hours, but the complexity of handling and storing enzymes is not available in most salons and therefore is not done.

For more information on lip fillers Kent, feel free to contact us at Stangrove Court Dental and call our reception. We are offering virtual consultations.

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