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Our facial aesthetics service: botox Kent

At our clinic in Kent, we are pleased to be able to provide the highest standard of botox Kent as part of our community dental services. Administered by either Dr Dipen or Dr Brijal Patel, it is a treatment for the signs of ageing, where a semi-permanent relaxer is injected into facial muscles to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and smile lines.

Botulinum treatment has been used to relax groups of facial muscles for four to six weeks as a cosmetic procedure. Botulinum and its properties have been known since the Victorian era but its widespread use in cosmetics only started in the late '80s.

The injections are made by growing the botulinum bacteria in large sterile fermenters, similar to alcohol brewing. The active ingredient is then filtered from the culture and concentrated before packaging in medical vials.

This treatment is considered very safe if used appropriately. There may be drug interactions, so it's very important that you tell our clinical staff what medications you are taking and any conditions you have been diagnosed with when booking your appointment.

Does receiving treatment hurt?

The way we apply botox in Kent uses small gauge needles, much smaller than those used in vaccinations or blood sampling. The volume used throughout the whole procedure is very small. Patients have compared the sensation to mosquito bites. If you wish, a topical numbing agent can be used but most patients can tolerate the sensation quite well.

After care

It is recommended to carry out a series of facial muscles exercises within an hour post-injection, this needs to be carried out according to the instructions of the practitioner who administered the injections. The intensity and type of exercise will affect the spread of the agents under the skin.

Massage should be avoided, as a facial massage may relocate and 'smear' the treatment. Bruising is a normal symptom and should be managed with ice, which will self resolve in a few days. Limited exercise is ok but sleeping within 2 hours of treatment is not, due to pressure on the injection sites as you move in your sleep. You will be fine to drive and can leave our clinic without an escort.

Virtual consultations

To keep in touch during these times of uncertainty, we are offering virtual consultations where some diagnostics can be provided and treatment options can be decided. Feel free to contact us to book your virtual consultation. Or if you have any worries post treatment.

Who would carry out the injections?

There is an element of skill in administering all cosmetic procedures, as the choice of injection site can make subtle differences to the outcome. Our botox Kent are conducted by Dr Brijal Patel or Dr Dipen Patel; both are very experienced dentists who have further training and qualifications in cosmetic treatments.

Dr Barijl Patel earned his dental degree from Guy's King's and St Thomas' (GKT) and pursued orthodontic cosmetics with removable braces and composite restorations, allowing him to redesign smiles as part of reconstructive dentistry.

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