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Plumping up your smile with lip fillers

A smile to be proud of

Our lips are an essential part of our smile and whilst many people focus on the teeth behind the smile, it is important to also take pride in how your lips shape that smile. Stangrove Court Dental Practice understands that when viewing a smile it is important to see the whole picture, which is one of the reasons we offer lip fillers Kent.

Reasons to avoid the home lip filler kits

When looking to plump up your lips or other parts of your body it is important to know that the items being injected into your skin are safe and effective. Whilst there are a variety of ways to purchase dermal fillers this does not mean that they have all undergone the necessary safety checks, and is therefore something we recommend avoiding. On top of the fact that you may be injecting some unknown substance into your body, is the point that, unless you have studied the body, you may not get the desired results due to injecting into the wrong place. Placement of the filler is of extreme importance, as it is used to plump out different areas to enhance the body rather than boost one side and not the other. Imagine having half your smile plump and the other half substantially thinner. Our team at Stangrove Court Dental Practice want you to get it right the first time, rather than have to work backwards to correct a mistake which is why our experts offer lip fillers Kent.

What is the process to enhance your lips?

Once we have all agreed that lip fillers Kent are suitable for you, our team will administer a local anaesthetic to the area, so as to prevent any discomfort which may occur during the process. Once this has taken effect, the dermal filler will be administered into the lips creating an immediately visible plumper and smoother appearance. The overall process, when carried out correctly, takes mere minutes and can, in most cases although dependent on skin and filler, last around 6 months.

Should you wish to continue plumping up your lips all it takes are regular top up appointments with our team where we will ensure that your smile remains radiant. We are always working as a team with you, so make sure that you voice any concerns or potential alterations with us, as we are here to work with you not against you. Your smile is important to us.

How can this procedure benefit you?

For the majority of people, the overall appearance of their face and body can greatly impact their self-esteem. Whilst some alterations may take a lot of commitment and hard work, plumping up the lips with lip fillers Kent is not one of them. This simple but efficient procedure can help create a fuller, more confident smile or redefine an element of youth to the face. No matter what your reasons for wanting a dermal filler are, we are here to help you create a smile you are proud of.

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