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Ready to try Botox Kent?

You’ve probably heard of this procedure, but perhaps don’t understand enough about it to decide whether this is a suitable solution to some of the facial aesthetic issues that you may be faced with. We all have our unique issues and finding a professional who approaches these individual concerns in a bespoke way is going to produce the best possible results.

We use Botox Kent here in many different ways, which gives us experience and confidence in the matter. Couple this with the vast years of knowledge and training that we have under our belts regarding facial anatomy and structure. Trust in our skills and knowledge with both the product and how it can be applied to effectively and naturally smooth lines and wrinkles on and around your face.

Where have we used this product before?

Dentists have used Botox Kent for many years, a long time before the skin rejuvenation craze became as popular as it is today. Because the toxin used is a kind of nerve relaxant, we often use it for medical purposes when a patient suffers with sleep apnoea or bruxism.

Sleep apnoea is where excessive snoring can be dangerous if not simply frustrating and exhausting. If not controlled, patients who suffer with this can stop themselves breathing in their sleep, can wake themselves up often and therefore struggle with fatigue throughout the day.

Bruxism is either unconscious or conscious grinding of the teeth and clenching of the jaw which can wear down natural teeth or even break them, cause heachaches, neck pain, shoulder pain and more. We use Botox Kent in these instances to relax certain muscles to potentially eliminate these concerns.

Let’s discuss facial aesthetics for a moment

However, people today mostly understand the botulinum toxin as a means to smooth away lines and wrinkles on the face and we are able to perform this treatment confidently and with an ease of a professional; well versed and practised with both the effects of the toxin and the area where it is being used.

If you are looking for a natural, youthful look, then we are able to help. We mostly use this treatment to smooth lines around the forehead, eyes and the mouth, with additional benefits being found by patients who once suffered from headaches and migraines, not having them any longer in some cases.

The effects of the treatment varies, depending on the area and how much use that it has on a day to day basis. It only takes a few minutes to administer and the complete effects of the treatment will be seen within a week.

We recommend that you repeat the procedure every 3 months or so to make the most out of your experience and enjoy the most effective results for the longest amount of time. This non-surgical procedure is enjoyed by millions across the globe and we have a huge amount of research to lean on to ensure that your experience is a positive one as well, so let’s discuss how we can make positive changes for you.

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