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What are facial aesthetics in Kent?

At our clinic situated within the heart of Kent we not only embrace variety concerning the wide range of treatments we offer to our patients, however we also ensure only the highest quality materials are used within the walls of our surgery. In addition to promoting both quality and quantity with regards to our services, we also boast an impressive array of facial aesthetics in Kent. Facial aesthetic treatments are a non-invasive, and therefore a non-surgical alternative to more serious procedural alternatives which allow our patients’ to achieve their desired cosmetic results, without having to commit to strenuous surgery.

What types of facial aesthetics in Kent do we offer?

Within the modern world of cosmetic dental care an increasing variety of facial aesthetic treatments are becoming readily available. We choose to embrace these advancements at our Stangrove Court Dental Practice, offering our patients’ dermal fillers (which can be administered to the lips, cheeks, and even under the eyes), botox injections (typically thought of as treating frown lines, but can also be used for alternate reasons), ‘Profhilo’ (a unique skin remodelling treatment), and lastly specialist ‘Obagi’ skin care products.

Are facial aesthetics right for you?

If you are a patient who is experiencing lowered self-esteem concerning the appearance of your fine lines, limp lips, textured skin, or even a naturally aging face, then facial aesthetics could be the perfect solution for you! At our modern, accommodating, and friendly dental practice we produce tailor-made cosmetic treatment plans to ensure our patients’ achieve their desired results, everytime.

Lip fillers serve as just one example of our facial aesthetic treatment options..

Dermal lip fillers are one of the most popular facial aesthetic treatments available at our Stangrove Court Dental Clinic, and for good reason. These lip fillers are commonly associated with limp and lifeless lips (and are therefore used to increase volume), however they also have other benefits that many of our patients’ may not be aware of...

Reaping the benefits of dermal lip fillers, at our clinic in Kent..

Within the walls of our surgery, we take extra care to ensure the services we provide our patients’ with are of a superior standard. In addition to the high quality services we provide, we are also eager to ensure our patients’ are aware of the many benefits our treatments can offer. Just one example are our lip filler injections: not only do they produce fuller, and therefore fuller appearing lips, however they are also used to produce definition too! If our lip fillers sound like they could work for you, then why not get in touch with a member of our team now?

What to expect from the lip filler treatment process..

Dermal lip fillers are of increasing popularity within the field of facial aesthetics, and this popularity is echoed at our clinic. Despite their rising popularity however, many of our patients’ may still be feeling unsure concerning what to expect from the treatment process. Much like any procedure, we always start with an initial consultation. After deciphering that lip fillers are the right solution for you, we can commence the treatment journey.

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