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What are lip fillers?

Lip fillers Kent are cosmetic treatments that are targeted towards enhancing the lip shape. Lip fullness is achieved through injecting hyaluronic acid into the treated area. At Stangrove Court Dental Practice we have seen how popular the lip filler treatment has become among our patients. This procedure will work to achieve symmetry and volumise the contours of the lip which immediately creates definition. The hyaluronic acid that is injected greatly improves the appearance of the lips in terms of their shape, volume and structure. Lip fillers tend to last for a duration of about six months. Post procedure it is significant to book in check-ups to maintain the volume of your lips. There are a large variety of hyaluronic acid fillers that are used for this procedure, however the most common product is Restylane. If you are looking into enhancing your lip shape feel free to book an appointment for lip fillers Kent with our dental practice in Edenbridge.

Benefits of lip fillers

After the hyaluronic acid is injected into the lip the remaining gel in the filler will help structure the lip and it gradually shapes the tissues of the lips. There are many life benefits that follow with this cosmetic procedure.

Choice of lip volume

A patient will have the choice of how much they would like increased in their lip volume. This means that the amount of acid injected can be controlled; this will give the doctor the ability to have precise control when creating volume in the lips.

On-going treatment

The injections do not have to be given all at once and can be given gradually throughout different consultations. This can be done until the patient is content with their desired results.

Easy dissolving

When a patient undergoes lip fillers Kent it is quite common to see lumps occur, however this can be easily dissolved with the movement of the rest of the lip.

Less bruising than other cosmetic procedures

It has been found that in many cases the lip filler treatments cause less swelling and bruising than other dermal fillers. This will be beneficial for those who want their treatment to go unnoticed.

Lasting results for a period of time

Although the lip filler treatment is not a permanent solution, the results tend to be reasonably long-lasting.

Lower chance of an allergic reaction

Since hyaluronic acid fillers are made from the body's natural components there is a lower chance of an individual getting an allergic reaction. This is because hyaluronic acid is not foreign to the body, hence it is unlikely to cause an issue.

Side effects of lip fillers

With every cosmetic procedure there is potential for short-term side effects which only last a few days. Common effects are usually bleeding from the treated area alongside swelling and bruising. Another common after effect can be visible signs of redness and tenderness at the injected area. More serious signs include swelling or bruising lasting more than a week to a maximum of 10 days. Additionally, any differences in lip size after treatment is also known as lip asymmetry, which can be addressed. Lastly, a severe sign of an infection in the injected site. If you notice severe symptoms post treatment it is important to let the practitioner know.

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