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What is Botox?

If you are feeling insecure about your skin, and would like a smoother, more younger-looking appearance, then Botox Kent is a great choice. Our patients love Botox because it keeps their face looking smooth and plump, and hugely boosts their confidence. You will see a noticeable difference once your treatment is finished, and you can walk away knowing you have been in the hands of specially trained dentists. It is good to get Botox applied by dentists as they have extensive knowledge of the anatomy of your face and will know exactly where to apply the solution when doing the treatment, and how it will affect different areas of the face.

What’s the process?

You will first have a consultation meeting with us so we can discuss the treatment itself and what it will entail, and see if it is the right option for you. If you decide to go ahead, then we can book in your appointment for Botox Kent!

The solution used for this treatment is called botulinum toxin type A, this is an injectable solution which is what will help to smooth out fine lines. This solution works by relaxing small facial muscles, which are the cause of the lines in the first place. This is done by blocking the nerve impulses in these small facial muscles, therefore eliminating the creases.

Don’t be alarmed that this procedure involves needles, as it is quick and painless, and can usually be done without any anaesthetic. The process only lasts for 5-10 minutes, so it is really very simple, and it has great results! You will start to see a difference after a few days, usually around 4-7.

This treatment is not permanent, and will dissolve over time, this can be a benefit or a downside, depending on how long you want your face to show the effects for. Some of our patients will do it for events they are going to, and others will just get it done regularly for a more long-term look. If you do want to do it more regularly, it can be performed every 3 months, with effective results each time.

Benefits of Botox

The main benefit that our patients love about getting Botox Kent, is the youthful rejuvenation of their skin. They love the fact that they can appear younger just by using a relatively quick procedure with very little discomfort.

As mentioned above, this procedure is pretty much painless, and is very quick. We use very fine needles to inject the solution, meaning there is only a tiny amount of discomfort, but it is over quickly. A numbing cream can also be applied to help with the mild after effects if that is what you would prefer.

As well as the aesthetic benefits, there are also other health benefits that come with different types of Botox. For example, it can help to treat excessive sweating, which is very useful as this can make some people embarrassed. This is done by the Botox entering the sweat glands and blocking the nerve impulses, meaning a noticeable decrease in sweating.

Here at Stangrove Court Dental Practice, we make sure that you feel as comfortable as possible during any treatment. We will be here every step of the way to ensure all of your questions are answered so you can have peace of mind.

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