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What you need to know about Botox in Sevenoaks

Updated: Jun 22

Not everyone is willing to resort to surgical procedures to look a little more youthful, sometimes going under the knife may be a step too far when there are other options available. Thankfully, there are facial rejuvenation techniques such as Botox in Sevenoaks that can soften wrinkles for a fresher look. The added benefit of having these injections done at Stangrove Court Dental is that dentists have a thorough understanding of human facial anatomy, which makes them excellent at performing such a delicate procedure with precision and care.

How it works

Botulinum toxin relaxes the small facial muscles that cause expression lines when it is professionally injected into the skin, this relaxation happens because nerve impulses are blocked by the liquid and it smooths away the lines caused by years of tension in these muscles.

For wrinkles

The procedure is painless as we use incredibly fine needles to administer the Botox in Sevenoaks, it is also very quick, taking about 5-10 minutes which means you can nip in on your lunch hour to get a quick treatment in different areas of the face. These could include frown lines, brows, crow's feet, and 'smoker's lines' which are lines that form around the mouth. You should see results in about 4-7 days, but they will not be permanent as the solution will eventually wear off over time, so it is recommended to top up the treatment every 3 months to achieve long-lasting results.

For a gummy smile

Sometimes, it’s not always the set of the teeth or jaw that makes a gummy smile; the muscles that control the upper lip can be overactive causing the top lip area to lift more than it should when smiling, revealing the gums. This is easily fixable with this treatment, as the injections help relax these muscles making your smile more beautiful.

Not only for beauty

Treating hyperhidrosis

This treatment is also effective in controlling severe or excessive sweating, sufferers of this condition are often embarrassed by having constantly wet palms and patches on the clothing near their underarms, but within 10 days of administering the injections, you will see a noticeable decrease in sweating, allowing you to continue your life with more confidence for up to 6-12 months before needing a top-up.

Treating TMJ (clenching)

This treatment can control the symptoms of excessive teeth grinding and jaw clenching by relaxing the overactive muscles that cause grinding.


There is no downtime with Botox in Sevenoaks, you can go back to your life immediately after treatment, we advise that you refrain from touching or rubbing the treated area for 24 hours and avoid any major skincare treatments within those 24 hours too, like facials, peels or derma rolling. It is also advised that you avoid any strenuous activity for that time too, so skip your trip to the gym just for a day, to ensure that the product has enough time to settle. As with all medical procedures, you should avoid alcohol consumption for 24 hours just to be safe.

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