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Where to get dermal fillers? A guide

Injectables are the hot new way to alter your appearance in a non-permanent, non-invasive way, but where's the right place to get them? Did you know that you can get dermal fillers Kent from us at Stangrove Court Dental Practice?

If you've never heard of injectables, it's a broad term used to describe cosmetic treatments that only use injections. The first was Botox face injections, but, ever since then, there has been a range of products that are injected just beneath the skin to alter the appearance.

Our most popular injectable treatment is dermal fillers Kent and involves placing small quantities of hyaluronic acid strategically under the skin. Hyaluronic acid is chemically inert and occurs naturally in your skin, becoming less common with age. The purpose of the treatment is not simply to replace lost hyaluronic acid but to use it as a sculpting technique. By adding material under the skin, you can pump and lift small portions of the face and neck using tiny liquid biodegradable implants! Depending on the skill of the practitioner, really dramatic changes can be brought about.

However, one of the issues with injectables is that they are considered minimally invasive cosmetic procedures, meaning that anybody can perform them without medical training. A beautician or salon can advertise that they provide fillers but can give no assurance on their medical competency and there is no guarantee of standards. This is not the case at Stangrove Court Dental Practice; our dermal fillers Kent are always performed by fully qualified dentists who have an entire regulatory body dedicated to ensuring competency as well as the reputation of the clinic and constantly updating staff training. We would only permit competent staff with relevant qualifications to carry out any filler procedure.

Just as we would with any dental procedure, we aim to minimise discomfort to our patients; therefore, a local anaesthetic will be applied before any injection. This is not just for your benefit; any movement during the procedure can make the sculpting process a lot harder.

Facial sculpting

The facial sculpting process itself straddles the line between art and science; it is heavily embedded in our deep knowledge of facial aesthetics and augmented with a long career of considering the aesthetic consequences of dental work but is fundamentally guided by your goals. As a patient, do you wish to have an age minimising restorative treatment or a more dazzling glamorous end result? To this end, we have extensive portfolios of past work, proving that our staff have a strong grasp of symmetry, structure, contouring and wrinkle reduction techniques.


Within a few hours of receiving any facial treatment, you must avoid rubbing the site of the injection or applying pressure to your face. This can be tempting as a mild tingling sensation, itchiness or even bruising is often associated with receiving fillers. However, during this time, the filler will be mobile under the skin and any pressure can “blur” or “smudge” it, moving it from its intended location.

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