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Why choose a dentist for facial aesthetics treatments

No matter how young one feels on the inside, the visible tell-tale signs of wrinkles, facial lines and sagging skin on the outside can give away your true age. At Stangrove Court Dental Practice, we fix more than just the appearance of your smile, with our top quality facial aesthetics Kent treatments, we can help you look good too.

Modern society has thrown into the spotlight the need for us to look our best selves and the various reliable procedures in facial aesthetics Kent answers the demand for this need. Patients of today are also more discerning and very aware of invasive surgical procedures which is why we have seen a spike in the interest of our non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedures. For patients who are surprised to learn that they can have their lip filler procedure done at the dentist, we can assure you that dental practitioners (more than any other non-medical professionals) have the very skill set required to carry out quality and effective procedures for desirable results. If you are interested in getting rid of those plaguing frown lines, why not arrange a consultation with our experienced, well-skilled dentist to discover what facial aesthetics Kent can do for you. We only use the highest grade of products and solutions to give our patients superb results. Patients can choose from a select range of treatments including Botox¸ Profhilo, dermal fillers and lip fillers. In addition to this, we have available a world-renowned, clinically-proven range of anti-ageing skincare products: Obagi Medical Skincare.

Reasons to choose our dentist for facial rejuvenation procedures

At the heart of all that we do here at Stangrove Court Dental Practice is the interests of our patients. It is this philosophical outlook together with the fact that we have the right knowledge and skills that has prompted us to include a diverse number of youth-restoring aesthetic treatments as part of our core service menu.

Specialist knowledge of facial anatomy

As part of their professional training, dentists are required to have in depth knowledge of the facial anatomy – in particular, muscles of facial expressions -so they are best placed to determine how to achieve a harmonious, natural look from injectable facial rejuvenation treatments like dermal fillers.

Relevant skill set

It is par for the course for dental practitioners to administer injections into delicate mouth areas. Our competent dentist is well-experienced in using ultra-fine needles to deliver botox injections and lip fillers without causing discomfort to the patient.

Less chance of complications arising

Receiving facial rejuvenation treatments from unregulated professionals and you run the risk of experiencing complications from the procedures. Even though facial rejuvenation treatments are generally safe with very little risk, adverse reactions or complications can occur, especially if the provider is unskilled or does not have the relevant knowledge of how facial structures work.

It is imperative that any aftercare advice given by our dentist is strictly adhered to for the patient’s own safety and to maximise the results achieved.

Stangrove Court Dental Practice is recognised for providing superior quality facial aesthetics treatments. For a customised facial rejuvenation treatments, contact our admin support team to schedule a consultation.

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