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At first glance, there doesn’t seem to be much wrong with this smile. Though she wasn’t in any pain, she wanted to improve her old and tired looking fillings on her front 2 teeth.
They were
1) worn and
2) discoloured
Dr. Brij Patel assessed the smile, and replaced the composites with modern lifelike composite fillings.
Improvement made:
* Better Proportion - he subtlety lengthened the teeth, using more ideal length to width ratios
* Natural colour - the new composite was layered to help blend in, and mimic the natural translucency of the tooth.
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If you also have older, worn or defective fillings that require that extra bit of attention, we can find the right solution for you.

We are experienced more affordable artistic composite bonding as well as more durable ceramic veneers




* Composite bonding can be done in 1 simple treatment session. Ask how Dr. Brij Patel can use advanced composite bonding techniques to improve your smile.


We can also advise if other treatments may be used in combination to create your perfect smile.

Ask us about:

- teeth whitening

- stain removal

- cosmetic contouring

- Straightening teeth

- 3D smile designing  


Book your free smile design consultation today.

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Ceramic Braces - Dr. Brij Patel - Stangrove Court Dental Practice

- This patient wanted a quick, but long-term solution to improve her smile. Her main concern was the upper front teeth tipping either backwards or forwards.

- We opted for simple cosmetically focused Orthodontic treatment to align the teeth. Like most patients, she didn’t want wait years for an improved smile.

- Her treatment took just over 6 months. Quick and simple monthly appointments.


- Our cases include a set of retainers to help maintain your new smile.

Dr Brij Patel is also able to design your perfect smile using Invisalign clear removable braces and 3D smile design software.

***Book in now for your no obligation, free consultation appointment with Dr. Brij Patel  today***

Other techniques we can use in conjunction with Straightening teeth include:

- cosmetic contouring of teeth
- cosmetic composite bonding
- teeth whitening
- ceramic veneers and all-ceramic dentistry
- replacing metal fillings

Dr. Brij Patel is experienced in combining all these skills in order to design your perfect smile. Most cases are completed within 6-12 months.

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