How do I make the most of my Invisalign treatment?

Invisalign in Edenbridge uses smart dental technologies to move teeth with incredible precision and efficiency. While there is no doubt as to the instrumental role played by innovation, patients are required to assist the teeth-straightening process.


In order to make the most out of wearing Invisalign in Edenbridge, patients need to commit to a number of dentist-approved techniques that will ensure a smooth orthodontic process.

How to maximise the value of Invisalign in Edenbridge

Wear the aligner trays full-time

Many patients find it relatively easy to adjust to wearing Invisalign braces. While it is permissible to remove aligner trays for very short periods in a day, patients should try to limit this as much as possible. This type of orthodontic treatment works most effectively when the device is worn, so be sure to follow all the dental practitioner’s instructions.

The risk of not following instructions may impede the device from doing its job effectively and may cause complications that will either increase the treatment timeframe or it may necessitate new aligner trays to be made which would be an added cost.

Follow the specified interval as indicated in the individual treatment plan

Our dentist will map out a schedule of when aligner trays should be changed. The intervals at which patients are required to change trays are typically between one to two weeks. Patients should try to find a reminder method that works most effectively for them that will help them to remember when they should change trays.

Wear your retainer on a regular basis

Once our dental practitioner is satisfied with the treatment, patients are usually required to wear a retainer to keep teeth in their newly-acquired position. Retainers are vital for ensuring that teeth do not move back into their old position which is more than likely to happen without them.

Attachments are a critical part of the treatment process and should be used.

Attachments (tooth coloured rubber bands) help in the placement of trays on teeth and prevents the trays from slipping when being reinserted onto teeth.

Keep aligner trays scrupulously clean

Patients may mistakenly believe that because the trays can be removed before eating and drinking, they do not need to be cleaned. This is not the case as germs and bacteria can accumulate in the trays and negatively impact oral health. Our dental practitioner will advise on how most effectively to keep the trays clean and safe when not worn.

Store aligner trays as recommended

Aligner trays that are lost or damaged will need to be replaced which will mean a further expense. To avoid this from happening, dentists recommend patients place them in proper specially-designed storage cases.

Being on an orthodontic plan is a good time to inculcate responsible behaviours that will protect dental health such as proper oral hygiene, eating healthily and quitting smoking.

Find out more about clear braces and how they can be used to give patients the smile they have always wanted. We will be happy to assess your individual situation and your goals and suggest the most suitable orthodontic plan for you.