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Fee Guide

At Stangrove Court Dental Practice we offer private dentistry options which are individualised to each patient depending on their needs and agreed treatment plan.

Please call the practice for further information on private dentistry fees.

Stangrove Court Dental Practice

Private Fee Guide 2022
Fees correct as of May 2022

Registration/check up
New patient exam   £55
Routine exam   £42
Simple scale and polish (Dentist)   £70
20 min Hygienist session   £55
30 min Hygienist session   £65
Stain removal with air abrasion   £90
X-rays   £13 each
Child check up   £28
Emergency treatment
Registered emerg app from £42
Non-registered emerg app from £55
Dry socket   £40
Re-cement crown from £50
bridge from £65 per unit
Amalgam (metal) from £60
Composite (tooth coloured)
Small from £60
Moderate from £135
Large from £175
Additional lining   £50
Temporary filling from £40
Crowns & inlays
Full Gold Crown from £700
Porcelain bonded to metal crown from £520
All Ceramic E-max crown from £695
All Ceramic Zirconia reinforced crown from £695
Post/core from £95
Gold inlays from £595
Porcelain/composite inlays from £525
Simple Veneers from £695
Direct composite veneer from £250 per tooth
Indirect composite veneers from £350 per tooth
Veneers/Crowns + wax-up from £600 per unit
Maryland from £600
Fixed from £400 per unit
Fixed Zirconia from £550 per unit
Simple from £80
Surgical from £150
Root Canal Treatment
Incisor from £250
Premolar from £350
Molar from £450
Re-RCT add   £75-£100 on the above
Partial acrylic from £395
Full acrylic from £600
Co/Cr from £750
Flexible   £600
Additions – tooth   £80
Reline   £95
Tooth Whitening
Home Whitening   £350
Inside/outside – non-vital whitening   £450
In-surgery combination from £600
BlancOne Click (Combined to the dental hygiene session – 30min)   £145
BlancOne Touch   £250
Soft night guard from £125
NTI splint   £175
1 area   £160
2 areas   £240
3 areas   £295
Dermal fillers
Half ml filler   £210
1ml filler   £305
Neck lift £295
Profhilo £300
Excessive sweating £410 (armpits or hands)
Dental implants from £1,350
Dental implant crown from £850
Sinus lift from £800
Bone grafting from £500
Short Orthodontic Treatment
Clear braces from £1,995
Invisalign from £1,500
Lingual braces from £2,995

Please ask a member of our team for more information.

The price increase is necessary to keep up with inflation and increase cost from our suppliers. We will always try our best to provide the best service as well as good value of money. We appreciate your understanding, support, and encouragement since the beginning.

Fees correct as of
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Band 2
Band 3
Band 4 emergency