How to look years younger with dermal fillers in Kent and more

Here at Stangrove Court Dental Practice, we understand how much how we look can affect our confidence, so we offer lots of choice when it comes to rejuvenating the appearance.  As we get older, the appearance of lines and wrinkles can feel like an unfair badge showing our age and this can cause  our confidence to dip. Fortunately, we do not have to accept the signs of the march of time as inevitable.  There are lots of things that can be done to regain a youthful and vibrant look, including dermal fillers in Kent and a range of lifestyle changes. dermal-fillers-kent

Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers in Kent are one of the most popular options for helping to roll back the years in terms of their appearance.  When we are young, the skin is plump and fresh looking.  This is largely down to a healthy supply of hyaluronic acid within the skin.  As we age, the amount of hyaluronic acid in the skin decreases and it starts to look less youthful.

Dermal fillers in Kent are a means of replacing the hyaluronic acid that has been lost over the years to help the patient look fresher and younger.  They can be used in several different areas of the face, including the lips and to correct dark circles and signs of ageing underneath the eyes.

The process for getting fillers is very straightforward.  We first inject a local anaesthetic. This allows us to numb that area that is to be treated so that the patient does not feel anything when the fillers are being administered.  We then inject the skin with results that can be seen straight away.  This means that our patients can enter the surgery and leave looking like their younger selves in a matter of minutes.

Minimise alcohol consumption

Drinking alcohol on a regular basis is one of the fastest ways to age the skin.  In fact, the habit of having a few drinks several nights a week can accelerate the ageing process.  It causes dehydration, which makes the skin drier and more prone to lines and wrinkles.  Because it is a toxin, alcohol can have other negative effects on the skin that make a person look older such as redness or a generally unhealthy pallor.

Fortunately, most people can reverse the impact of regular alcohol use by minimising it to small amounts on special occasions only or by cutting it out altogether.  Within a month of being alcohol free, most people find that their skin is much clearer and plumper and more youthful looking.

Drink more water

Many people do not drink enough water, and this affects their appearance as well as their general health.  When we are dehydrated, the skin becomes dry and flaky with lines and wrinkles becoming more pronounced.  The combined result is that we feel and look much older.  Increasing water consumption to around two litres per day can have a significant impact on how a person looks, helping them to look fresher and more vibrant.