Regain the looks of your youth with dermal fillers Kent

No one can maintain the youthful looks of their late teens and early twenties forever, as you grow older the look of your face changes in various ways to reflect your age and this may lead to the development of new and unwanted features that are commonly associated with the ageing process. Common signs that you are growing older may start to show on your face and hand often in the form of wrinkles, frown lines, or crow’s feet. To some these signs of ageing are seen as a sign that they are worldly and wise, while to others these signs may hold very different connotations that they see as negatives. dermal-fillers-in-kent

You may be one of the many people who decided to visit the chemist or supermarket to investigate the many creams and other remedies that are available on the UK market, that state they have anti-ageing properties. However, some people find the effects of these creams unsatisfactory and the results vary from person to person. This may then lead to you investigating medical treatments in the form of injectable cosmetic treatments.

At Stangrove Court Dental Practice we can offer our patients a treatment that we believe will help them regain some of their youthful looks in a safe and easy way. Dermal fillers Kent can be used to help the muscles under the skin of your face relax and this will help them to fill out the area they are in, creating a smoother and younger look to the treated area.

The ways this treatment can be used

Dermal fillers Kent can be used to treat several different areas of your face to help you look younger and fresher, by doing so, this may give you that confidence boost that you feel you need. The common treatment areas are the lips, under the eyes, and the cheeks, as these are areas that many people feel could benefit from looking fuller and plump to create a more appealing appearance.

This is a viable treatment for those who are looking to change the shape of their mouth by filling out the lips, as this may help you to create a more pleasing contour to the shape of your mouth and make your lips look fuller.

If you are someone who sees circles under their eyes you may wish to consider this treatment, as filling out the area under your eyes will help to remove the negative image that you see. This will take away that look of tiredness that you feel is being portrayed by your eyes, making you appear more vibrant and alive.

Why have treatment at a dental practice?

We know that you may not have considered visiting a dental practice to receive anything other than dental treatments, but in recent years many practices have branched out into new treatment areas such as injectable cosmetic treatments. We would point out to you that a dental professional spends many years training and is highly qualified to provide injections into the sensitive areas of the human face, without harming any of the tiny muscles that help to make up the structure of the face. Given this fact, this may make dental professionals the best people to provide dermal fillers Kent to you.

The practice has been established for over 40 years and is committed to providing you with an exceptional level of dental care whatever your requirements.