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Dermal fillers you can trust

We are happy to be able to provide dermal fillers Kent. Also known as 'lip fillers' the process involves injecting a passive filling material into the skin to cause cosmetic change. The effectiveness of fillers in achieving positive results is determined by the skill of the professional applying them. We are pleased to have fully-qualified medical staff to get the most out of a sub-dermal filling session.

If you are browsing your options for lip fillers, then you have probably seen there is a wide degree of options. This is mainly due to the legal status of dermal fillers in the UK.

Fillers and their regulations

Dermal fillers Kent and elsewhere in the UK are defined as a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure. You don't need any qualifications, licences or experience to start providing dermal fillers.

There are kits available online aimed at beauty salons and hairdressers to provide the bare minimum in equipment and poorly translated instructions on providing treatments.

Dermal filling from a dentist

Dermal fillers Kent from a dentist? As strange as it may sound, the highly regulated clinical environment of our dental surgery, with an experienced dentist who is trained in facial anatomy, is one the best providers of fillers you will find on the high street.

The shocking or extreme changes associated with lip fillers are usually the handiwork of less experienced providers who are injecting them directly into the lips or wrinkle beds. The method used at our clinic is the plump-and-lift, giving a subtle and natural appearance. Our use of fillers is as a treatment for the signs of ageing and gaining a more vibrant appearance, not a radical change.

Patient safety is the priority with any procedure carried out by a dentist, and any recourse for a patient can range from making formal complaints with the General Dental Council to a medical malpractice case. Whereas your status as a customer at a beauty salon only gives you the basics of trading standards, reducing the safety of this practice.


Fillers are considered very safe, as the main ingredient is hyaluronic acid, an extremely passive naturally occurring component of the skin.

Due to its passivity when injected, it has a lack of legislation, leading to issues surrounding safety in skin clinics.

Reversing dermal fillers

Dermal fillers can 'go wrong' and usually this is a case of an incorrectly applied filler, rather than a medical emergency. If you have received a filler and are unhappy with the results, there are corrective options that we can perform, from manual manipulation of the filler into a new position to dissolving the misapplied filler in a few hours. Feel free to contact us to discuss your options to correct fillers.

Dr Dipen our aesthetics specialist

Dr Dipen Patel is the clinician whose personal passion is aesthetic treatments including lip filling procedures.

Finishing his dental degree from Guy's and St Thomas' University Hospital in 2006, he holds a level 7 qualification in facial aesthetics this is the equivalent to a masters degree. So, when you come to our surgery for fillers, you know you will be in safe hands!

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