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Do I need dermal fillers?

At Stangrove Court Dental Practice we offerdermal fillers Kent as part of our facial aesthetics treatments. This cosmetic procedure has the ability to plump up the skin targeting facial lines and wrinkles. This aims to make the skin look more natural, fresh and youthful. Fillers in the same way as Botox contain a solution. In this case fillers consist and contain sterile hyaluronic acid gels which are cruelty free. Over the years the skin's natural hyaluronic acid gradually begins to disappear; this is the beginning of the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Fillers are not only used for the facial area, but also used for other purposes such as lip enhancement. It is also a method of shaping areas such as hand and neck contours. If you are interested in dermal fillers Kent, feel free to contact our team to book a consultation at our practice.

How does the dermal filler process work?

Before the procedure can take place a local anaesthetic is used and placed in the area to be treated to limit any pain or discomfort. After this has been done the dermal fillers Kent will then be injected in the same way as Botox into the problem areas. This as with Botox only takes a few minutes. However, visible effects are seen right away rather than a few days later. Depending on which problem areas were treated and other factors such as the injection methodology and skin type, the filler has the ability to last around 6-12 months. However, follow up treatments will be necessary to maintain the finished effect.

Side effects of dermal filler

Common side effects in some cases can be seen immediately post procedure and can disappear within the next week or so (7-14 days). These side effects are usually the following: pain at injection site, itching, bruising, rash and swelling. The more rare side effects of dermal filler are infections.

Benefits of dermal fillers

The dermal filler has many benefits that follow these can be physical, social and emotional advantages as well as aesthetic benefits.

Immediate results

One of the major advantages when undergoing a dermal filler treatment is the visibility of immediate results. As soon as the patient has received their dermal filler they will see immediate after effects to the appearance. Alongside this, recovery time is just as quick and follows in a similar fashion. This treatment is as quick as 10 minutes depending on the problem areas that are being treated. Once this treatment has been completed a patient has the ability to go back to work and continue with their usual activities. This is a great option for those who want a fast result, not having to go through a lengthy process.

Beneficial component for the skin

A lot of the time fillers contain a natural component that is found and developed within the skin. This means that the injectable filler will not be foreign to the body therefore it is much easier for the body to take in. In dermal fillers there is hyaluronic acid involved; this is a main component that is naturally made by the skin. Therefore, once the filler is injected it will feel comfortable and natural.

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