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Facial aesthetics in our clinic

Stangrove Court Dental Practice is a fresh new look for our clients and we are here to help you with yours! Our range of facial aesthetics Kent is here to boost your confidence, whether you are preparing for a big event or just maintaining your natural glow.

Why have your cosmetic treatment in a dental clinic? Well, the highly regulated and professional involvement of a modern dental surgery is a perfect way of getting safe high-quality care. Our clinical staff have pursued further training beyond the standard dental degree, to be able to perform treatments like Botox, lip filling and cheek augmentation.

Our clinical team has an excellent combined experience and a proven portfolio of cosmetic work. We source our products via medical-supply chains in the same way we would source dental supplies. This avoids counterfeit products which have become common in cosmetics, ensuring our patients' safety.

During the ageing process, the loss of elastin and collagen in the skin results in a loss of skin tone with a reduction in hyaluronic acid leaving a gaunt appearance.

The cosmetic treatments we carry out are aimed at treating this, whether it is with dermal fillers to replace the hyaluronic acid or Profhilo® to stimulate the development of collagen.

All of our facial aesthetics Kent start with an in-depth consultation where we discuss your goals and advise you on your expectations and what options are available.

Dermal fillers - our most popular treatment

The wide availability of dermal fillers has been a bit of a pitfall for some, with under-experienced vendors working out of beauty salons.

For a natural age-defying facial aesthetics Kent , a degree of subtle and anatomical knowledge is required; you can't simply fill in wrinkles! Rather, you need to plump the tissues above and around them.

Cheek augmentation

During cheek augmentation, we use fillers to increase the volume of the cheeks, in a face-framing, inverted triangle form. To achieve this, we also use a set of sub-dermal hyaluronic acid injections.

This can have profound overall effects on lifting the whole face and improving the ratio between the jawline and the under eye. Cheek augmentation can be used to balance out any slight asymmetries of the face, creating a more attractive overall appearance.

Mouth creases or smile lines

The expressions that we pull most often slowly get written into our face, as the muscles shorten and tendons lose their elasticity; this generates the famous 'smile lines'. They can be easily corrected with fillers by restoring volume around the corners of the mouth.

Crow's feet

As the eye's version of the smile lines, crow’s feet radiate from the corners of the eyes outwards. Their appearance can be greatly reduced both with fillers and Botox, depending which you are more comfortable with.

Frown lines

The anti-smile lines! Occurring between the eyebrows in and extending up the brow to the hairline, these can be smoothed with Obagi medical skincare, filler or Botox treatments.

If you have any further questions or wish to book an appointment feel free to get in contact with us at the surgery for further information.

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