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How Botox can help you achieve your beauty goals?

At Stangrove Court Dental Practice we offer a comprehensive service menu ranging from a full spectrum of superior dental care treatments to high quality facial aesthetics treatments, including Botox Kent.

The FDA-approved Botox Kent is an effective non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatment used to help patients soften fine facial lines to restore a more youthful appearance. The treatment requires a suitably qualified practitioner to administer an injectable aesthetic solution – at Stangrove Court Dental Practice we use botulinum toxin type A – into the area that is to be treated. The injected solution works to relax the miniscule facial muscles that are responsible for the expression lines and hinders the nerve impulses so that skin is left looking smoother.

The great advantage of our dental practitioner providing this service is that patients receive treatment from a medical professional with the right skill set and experience in using fine needles, in addition to the excellent knowledge dentists are required to have about the facial area.

Areas that can be treated with Botox Kent include:

  • Crow’s feet (area around the eyes)

  • Underarms

  • Palms of hands

  • Forehead

  • Chin

  • Around the mouth

  • Neck line

Rewards of Botox treatments

There are many well-known benefits to using this facial rejuvenation treatment to enhance your looks but there are also surprising benefits too. The treatment has become a highly-requested procedure thanks to benefits such as:

Minimal discomfort

At the patient’s request our practitioner can first apply a numbing cream to the site to be treated before using a very fine needle to inject the solution.


The treatment can be used to treat a varied range of problems, from frown lines and wrinkles to excessive sweating to treating overactive masseter muscles that cause teeth grinding to fixing a gummy smile.

Simple and safe

Botox has been found to be safe to use (tried and tested and cleared by the FDA) on humans. A desirable effect can be achieved in relatively quick time without affecting any nerve functioning.

The effects of this treatment is not permanent which is why it is often necessary for patients treating facial areas to have repeat injections, typically this would be every three to four months but this interval frequency is usually lengthened once a patient has received several treatments (patients will find that the effect of the Botox begins to last a bit longer). Treatments may last longer (between six and 12 months) for patients treating excessive sweating.

Once treatment has been administered we advise patients to avoid rubbing the area that was injected for at least 24 hours as well as not to have any skin-enhancing treatments performed such as facials or skin peels). In addition to this we advise against strenuous physical activity and the consumption of huge quantities of alcohol.

Are you looking to fill in frown lines with quality facial rejuvenation techniques? Our well-qualified dental practitioner at Stangrove Court Dental Practice is experienced and extremely skilled in administering facial aesthetics treatments. At our practice we strive towards ensuring patients receive a relaxing and comfortable treatment experience.

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