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What are lip fillers in Kent?

At our modern and welcoming dental surgery situated within the heart of Kent we offer our patients’ a wide variety of dental and facial aesthetic treatments, whilst upholding the highest of standards to ensure our patients’ receive a superior level of care. In addition to the excellent variety and quality of services we provide, we also offer an extensive range of facial aesthetic treatments which serve as a non-invasive and non-surgical alternative to more invasive surgical procedures. Lip fillers in Kent are one of our most popular treatment options which work to not only boost the volume of our patients’ lips, but also help with their definition too. In addition to these benefits, there’s many more advantages to receiving lip fillers in Kent.

What are the benefits of receiving lip fillers at our Stangrove Court Dental Practice?

Within the modern world of dental care advancements are constantly being made which allows for a wider variety of treatment options available, in addition to the areas being treated. At our clinic situated within Kent we choose to embrace these evolutions to provide our patients with the highest quality materials to achieve a fuller, and more defined looking smile! In addition to the quality of our fillers, our patients’ have far more to say about their positive experiences within the walls of our clinic.

What do our patients’ say about our facial aesthetic treatments?

Our lip fillers are arguably our most popular dermal filler treatment, they not only enhance the fullness of the lip, but they also produce stronger contours too, whilst also leading to reduced lip asymmetry for our patients’. Concerning patient testimonials, just one of our many impressive reviews describes our services as producing ‘amazing results’ whilst having a ‘great experience’ with our specialists. Furthermore, our doctors were described as being attentive to the patients’ goals, by helping her achieve the appearance she desired, whilst maintaining a natural look.

How do we do it?

Despite the undeniable popularity of our dermal filler injections, many of the patients’ we treat may still be feeling unsure concerning what to expect from the lip filler treatment process. Much like any treatment offered within the walls of our surgery, we start every lip filler journey with an introductory consultation. During this initial appointment our dental specialists will work with our patients’ to decipher the exact volume of injection required to achieve their desired look, whilst ensuring our patients’ are fully aware of what to expect from their treatment process.

So.. What happens next?

After both our dental specialist team and the patient have deciphered that lip fillers are the perfect solution to amend their insecurities, the treatment journey can commence. Initially, we use a local anaesthetic to reduce the potential for any discomfort during the procedure. After administering this injection, we insert the fillers to produce an immediately plumper appearance our patients’ are thrilled with!

How long will my lip fillers last?

Dermal fillers are known for their non-invasive and easy nature, however these injections do not last a lifetime. Depending on the area of the face that is being treated, dermal fillers can last from anywhere between six to even twelve months (typically lasting six months for lips).

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