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What is Botox in Oxted?

Updated: Jun 22

Botox is a popular facial aesthetics treatment offered by our dental clinic that acts as a non-surgical solution to reducing wrinkles on the face! Botox is also referred to as ‘botulinum toxin type A’ by our dental clinic and has grown enormously in terms of its popularity within the last few years due to its effective results.

Why choose our dental clinic?

Many patients may be unaware that dental clinics offer facial aesthetic treatments, however receiving Botox at a dental surgery can have huge advantages! Our dentists have huge knowledge of facial anatomy, as well as a professional and steady hand, which makes them fully qualified to deliver our facial aesthetics treatments.

Our ethos

At our dental clinic within Edenbridge, near Oxted, we treat every dental case as unique, tailor making our dental plans to suit our patients’ unique dental needs. Our experienced and highly skilled team of dental specialists use high quality dental materials to administer a fantastic standard of dental care, within a clean, modern, and relaxed dental environment.

How does Botox in Oxted work?

Many of our patients may have heard of ‘Botox’ however they may be unsure of what to expect from the treatment process at our clinic. Botox strives to soften the appearance of wrinkles on the face which therefore leads to a more youthful looking appearance. Our dental specialists have a thorough understanding of facial anatomy and can deliver this procedure in a relaxed and professional manner.

The Botox in Oxted treatment process

Once the Botox is injected into the face the botulinum toxin is gently released into the skin, the Botox relaxes the facial muscles by blocking the nerve impulses within the skin. Botox relaxes the face which results in a smoother facial appearance, however not every area of the face can be injected.

Which areas of the face can Botox treat?

Target areas of the face that are typically treated using Botox at our clinic are frown lines (vertical lines between eyebrows), eyebrows, crow’s feet, forehead lines, and lines around the mouth.

What are the benefits?

Botox is a quick and simple non-surgical procedure that can be administered within five to ten minutes! Botox requires no anaesthetic which leads to an easy treatment, the effects aren’t instant, but can develop within as little as four to seven days.

How many sessions do I require?

The number of sessions suggested by our dental healthcare professionals will depend greatly on the targets of the individual case. Many of our patients may choose to receive the procedure every three months in order to maintain their results.

How much does Botox cost?

We offer free consultations to assess what treatments would suit you best. For prices please visit our botox page by clicking here.

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