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What is Botox treatment?

At Stangrove Court Dental Practice we offer a range of facial aesthetics treatments, one of the more popular treatments is Botox. Botox Kent is a treatment that involves the injectable solution of botulinum toxin type A being targeted into problem areas. Botox works towards reducing fine lines without the need to turn to a surgical procedure. However, with advanced facial rejuvenation techniques, Botox has the ability to smooth and eliminate wrinkles for a youthful finish. At our practice our dental staff perform the treatment because dentists have great expertise in the field of facial anatomy. Therefore, they have the ability to proceed with the procedure using precision and accuracy in a safe environment. At Stangrove Court Dental Practice we use the botulinum toxin type A as the injection solution to achieve the required results. If you are interested in undergoing Botox Kent treatment to refresh your complexion contact our team to book an appointment at our dental practice.

How does the Botox treatment work?

When proceeding with the Botox Kent treatment the injectable solution will be inserted into the problem areas. The botulinum toxin is designed to relax and ease the facial muscles. This will eliminate fine lines as the botulinum toxin will create a barrier between nerve impulses and the facial muscles. This in turn will create a smooth looking effect to the skin. The most common areas that Botox is performed on are facial areas such as treating forehead lines, smokers lines and crow’s feet. Most patients have described the treatment to be quick and painless. This treatment lasts for the duration of around 5-10 minutes which is time effective. In most cases, this treatment does not necessarily need anaesthetic to be administered. The results will be seen in a matter of a few days which makes the process very rewarding. Visible looking results will be seen between 4-7 days depending on each patient. Botox is known to be a semi-permanent solution therefore it will gradually deplete. However, to maintain the look it is recommended to repeat the process every 3 months to get a long-term result. ​

Benefits of the Botox treatment

Botox has many aesthetic advantages that help individuals in their everyday life. However, there are also many other life benefits taken from this treatment.

Medical health benefits

Botox can not only make the face appear more youthful, but it also has medical benefits on some patients’ health. It is a great option for those who suffer from severe migraines. Botox has the ability to relieve migraines. Botox is a good solution for head pain because the injectable solution blocks chemicals known as neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters are known to carry pain signals from an individual's brain. Therefore, this means that the injectable solution blocks that pathway and in turn stops the chemicals before they target the problem areas.

Side effects of the Botox treatment

With every aesthetics treatment there can be potential side effects that follow. The common side effects after the Botox treatment are usually pain at the treated area, swelling or bruising. Other risks that come with Botox are potential headaches and flu like symptoms. Some patients may experience having a droopy eyelid, however this should disappear after a few days. Another common side effect is dryness around the eye area and tearing of the eyes.

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