Battling the signs of ageing with facial aesthetics

Avoiding making surgical alterations to your face


As we age, in some cases the changes made to our once youthful appearance can fill us with sadness or a desire to turn back time. Whilst rash decisions are not something anyone recommends, it is important to know what options are available to bring back an element of youth to your appearance. This is where Stangrove Court Dental Practice can help. Our team wants to work with you to help you achieve your goals using facial aesthetics Kent without the need for intensive surgeries.

How does Botox work?

When discovering facial aesthetics Kent there are a variety of options including the commonly used Botox. This particular procedure concentrates on relaxing the facial muscles which are often the cause of expression lines and wrinkles. This simple injection of a toxin called botulinum works on blocking the nerve impulses which trigger the lines to form, by blocking the nerve a smoother and more youthful appearance can be seen upon the face.

Why seeking the help of a professional is important

When first researching facial aesthetics Kent options online a variety of results including do-it-yourself kits and some other less reputable venues will be on offer and in some cases appear a lot cheaper than a visit to a dental practice. Unfortunately there can be a variety of risks that come with the cheaper options and when injecting a toxin into the face it is not something we recommend.

The dental team at our practice are not only highly professional, but are full of up-to-date knowledge about the products and all of the important checks that must be carried out before a product is offered. On top of this safety knowledge our dental team also have a great understanding of the facial muscles, which is of vital importance when injecting Botox into the face, as the placement of the facial aesthetics Kent makes all the difference. When administered correctly, the results of Botox can be highly effective and the impact on the individual both physically and emotionally can be highly pleasing.

Is Botox painful to have?

Like many facial aesthetics treatments and procedures, the insertion of the botulinum toxin is carried out with only minimal discomfort, ensuring that patients can carry on with their daily lives with very little impact. Unlike some of the alternative options, there is no need for an anaesthetic and within 5 to 10 minutes the entire process can be over. Whilst this may sound rather quick, rest assured that our team at Stangrove Court Dental Practice know what they are doing, so you and your image are in extremely safe hands.

Are the results immediately visible like dermal fillers?

Unlike dermal fillers, Botox can take between 4 to 7 days before the effects can be seen. Whilst this may feel like a lifetime when waiting to see the finished ‘product’, our team promises you it is worth the wait and should you feel unsure or concerned about something following the procedure, will work with you to put your mind at ease. You are not on your own so contact us should you be concerned about anything, but remember to have a little patience when it comes to the visibility of the changes.