Ever heard of Profhilo injections? A short FAQ list

Most people who want to minimise the signs of ageing want to do so in the quickest, most comfortable and most affordable way possible.

In recent years, this has led to a rise in the number of facial aesthetics that are non-invasive going up, and those that are more risky, like facelifts going down. And indeed, it is now possible to undergo facial aesthetics at the majority of cosmetic dental surgeries, provided that the staff are licensed to do so. profhilo-kent

When you come to Stangrove Court Dental, we can offer a wide range of facial aesthetic options, from Botox to Profhilo Kent. You will probably have heard of Botox, but not of Profhilo but don’t worry! Our team can assess if you are suitable for the latter and will be more than happy to discuss its benefits with you.

In this short FAQ article, we will introduce you to Profhilo Kent, so you can decide whether or not you want to receive the treatment.

What do the injections contain?

Profhilo Kent injections contain hyaluronic acid. So in many ways these injections are similar to dermal fillers. But there are some key differences which will be discussed a bit later.

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring protein which is found in the skin. And, as a person gets older, they produce less of it, allowing the skin to become wrinkled and loose. Hyaluronic acid injections perk the skin up, and also boost collagen, helping to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

How do they work?

These injections are applied to pre-chosen points on your face by our team, which are known as bio-aesthetic points, which will vary based on your face shape, your age and other factors. Typically, the bio-aesthetic points are on the lower part of your face and once injected, these injections can be used to remodel the skin and can also reverse laxity issues, such as sagging skin.

What can they treat?

As mentioned before, the purpose of these injections is to help with remodelling the facial tissue and the skin laxity, usually on the lower part of the face. So, we will use them to treat sagging jowls, wrinkles around the mouth and general gauntness of the cheeks, all of which can highlight wrinkles and cause you to look older. They can also be used to treat wrinkles and sagging on the neck too.

How do they differ from dermal fillers?

This product is more cohesive than dermal fillers, so it can flow more freely under your skin than traditional fillers can, treating larger areas, and allowing our team to better reduce the wrinkles in them.

Also, these injections have a higher molecular weight than dermal fillers and are less inflammatory too.

How often can they be applied?

Typically, you would have two sessions one month apart. If you have more extreme issues relating to sagging skin or wrinkles, then we may call you back in for a third session two months after the second one.

To maintain the effects, you will need to have the treatment around once every six months.