FAQs about Botox answered by our team

It is a treatment that has long been associated with the Hollywood elite and anti-ageing, and it is now available at our dental practice!

In the last few years, our team has been getting more and more requests from patients relating to non-surgical facial aesthetics treatments. And, in response, our team has developed the skills necessary and the training to ensure that we can offer these treatments alongside our cosmetic dental treatments. botox-kent

So, when you come to see our team at Stangrove Dental Practice, we are always happy to discuss procedures like Botox Kent with our patients, and will strive to ensure that any treatments that we apply will have a natural, healthy look and, in the case of botulinum injections, will not leave you with a frozen face!

But before you rush to contact our team about Botox Kent, you are likely to have some questions and in this article, we answer 5 of the most common queries that we receive about these sought-after injections.

How do these injections work?

Botox Kent, also known as botulinum toxin injections, works by temporarily paralysing nerves and muscles in your face, neck and even hands. The effects are twofold; the first is that it can stop nerve pain and has been used for a long time for migraine relief and it also causes the skin to smooth out. As a result of not being able to move muscles and temporarily paralysed nerves, your wrinkles will begin to reduce and no new ones will form.

How much would be applied to reduce wrinkles?

This is a tough question to answer as it depends on your unique clinical case.

For patients who have more deeply set wrinkles, or are older, we will likely use more injections than we would if someone were younger. But, when you come to our team for the consultation, we will discuss this with you, so there will be no surprises!

How long before the effects are noticeable?

The effects of these injections may be noticeable as soon as 48 hours after they are applied. But for many people, it can take up to around 2-4 weeks before the wrinkles look reduced, and the fine lines look smoother. Again, this will depend on your age, the area being treated and of course, your lifestyle.

How often can the injections be reapplied?

The injections of botulinum toxin are usually reapplied every 4-6 months, as around this time, the effects begin to fade, and the nerves and muscles can be moved again. However, in some cases, if these injections are paired with other injectable treatments such as dermal fillers, you may only need them to be applied once every 8 months to a year.

Do you have to be older to have these injections?

Not at all!

Of course, you need to be over the age of 18, but our team has helped people in their 20s through to their 70s with these injections to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. So, feel free to call us!