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Why you should come to us for your facial aesthetics

The skills of the professionally qualified and well-experienced clinical team at Stangrove Court Dental Practice go beyond that of dentistry, encompassing the administration of facial enhancement treatments. Yes, that’s right; in addition to helping you get a healthier and happier smile, we now also devote our training and skills to help you find that natural facial glow to improve your look further.

We, at Stangrove Court Dental Practice, offer an extensive array of facial aesthetics Kent that target aggravating common signs of ageing – those unsightly frown lines, gaunt cheeks, crow’s feet, wrinkles and thinning lips – to deliver desirable results with minimum change to our patient’s lifestyle.

Link between the dentist and facial aesthetics Kent

More and more patients are waking up to the fact that opting for their facial aesthetics Kent procedure to be handled by a dentist is a good idea. The reasons for this are multifold.


The dental industry is a well-regulated one and all treatments carried out at a dental clinic will prioritise patient safety. This goes some way to ensure patients have peace of mind that all safety precautions have been observed and only approved medical-grade products and ingredients are used in delivering a quality experience.

Training and knowledge

When it comes to facial anatomy, dental practitioners have a vast pool of knowledge on the subject. In addition to this, our clinicians have received further professional training in the use of fine needles that are involved in facial enhancements like lip fillers and other injection-based treatments.

Skill to deal with complications

It is highly unusual for complications to occur in facial aesthetic treatments. One notable reason to choose a dental clinic offering these types of treatments is that, with all the industry knowledge and training at their disposal, a dental practitioner can take the necessary and immediate steps to deal with a complication, should any arise.

A brief look at the facial aesthetics we offer

In offering facial aesthetics, we look to those particularly well-known efficacious treatments that give patients the results they desire. Our main focus throughout our treatment range is to support natural features by replacing lost elastin and collagen in the skin.

Dermal fillers – an evergreen in the line of facial enhancing treatments. We do not simply fill in facial lines but rather work to restore volume to the facial tissues around them. This method aims to create more natural-looking results.

Cheek augmentation – fillers are used to boost the volume to the cheeks. In addition to this, we may also add sub-dermal hyaluronic acid injections to balance out other areas of the face that require it.

Smile lines – those facial muscles around the mouth area we tend to use often (like the ones we use to smile) also lose elasticity over time. These lines, which can be the cause of much distress, can be quite simply corrected with strategically injected fillers.

So, schedule a consultation with one of our competent and friendly clinicians today, at Stangrove Court Dental Practice, to find out just what we can do for you.

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