A guide to Botox from our team

When most people think of anti-ageing procedures, they think of treatments such as face lifts or, thanks to the rise in social media, dermal filler injections. botox-kent

Of the two, the majority of people would opt for the less-invasive option of the dermal fillers, as they do not require surgery, downtime afterwards or pain relief.

In a similar vein, botulinum toxin injections have become popular again, often used alongside dermal fillers to create a long lasting healthy and wrinkle-free glow.

So, if you are looking for a non-invasive way to refresh the appearance of your skin, come along to Stangrove Court Dental to ask about our non-surgical cosmetic options. We can offer Botox Kent, alongside a myriad of other treatments to help keep your skin looking vibrant for as long as possible.

But before you decide whether or not Botox Kent is the treatment for you, read on to learn more about it in our straightforward guide.

What are botulinum injections?

Botulinum injections, also known as Botox Kent, are made up of a neurotoxin that has been used for decades in the medical field to treat issues with the bladder, overactive sweat glands and even the prevention of migraines.

When injected under the skin, this toxin temporarily paralyses the nerves and the muscles, making them harder to contract, thus reducing the appearance of fine lines and deeply-set wrinkles.

What they can treat

At Stangrove Court Dental, we use these injections to treat forehead lines, smile lines around the eyes, crow’s feet, wrinkles around the mouth and sagging jowls.

The amount that will be applied in your case may differ from someone else’s, depending on what is being treated and how deeply set the wrinkles are.

How often they are applied

When you have these injections applied, the time until the next round of injections may be months or even years, as multiple factors go into how long the effects last. The first factor is your age, the depth of the wrinkles, your general health and your lifestyle. If you smoke, for example, the effects of these fillers will be shorter, and you may need to have them reapplied every 4 months.


After you have had the injections, you will need to avoid putting pressure on the area, as this can cause the toxin to move around. So, no makeup, no facial massages; not even the application of moisturiser for the next 48 hours!

There is likely to be some soreness and swelling, so apply an ice pack to reduce the effects of these and, if you take pain relief, aim for paracetamol. Do not take aspirin or ibuprofen, as these can cause the blood to thin and worsen bruising.


The results of these injections may be apparent in as little as 48 hours. But for many, you may not notice a difference until 2 weeks post-injection, so some patience is warranted!

If you feel unwell, notice excessive swelling and bruising, or find that you have a fever, then you need to seek urgent medical advice, although adverse effects from these injections are very rare.