Can Botox cure my excessive sweating?

It’s likely if you’ve been suffering with excessive sweating that you’ve heard about Botox as a solution for this. In many cases Botox can be a really good, affordable, accessible treatment and we can’t recommend it to patients enough. The team at Stangrove Court Dental Practice is proud to offer Botox Kent not only as a solution for fine lines and wrinkles, but also for medical conditions including sweating. If you’re interested in this treatment, here’s all you need to know.  botox-kent

What is excessive sweating?

Also medically known as hyperhidrosis, excessive sweating is defined as overt sweating that is not connected to heat or exercise. It’s common for those patients with the condition to sweat so much that their clothes become wet with sweat, and that moist drips from their hands. We find that hyperhidrosis mainly occurs in the hands, underarms, face and feet.

Sweating is actually your body’s natural way of trying to cool itself down. When you are hot your body’s nervous system tells its sweat glands to kick into action. There are two types of hyperhidrosis. First and most common is primary focal hyperhidrosis which usually occurs when the nerves become overactive, and this happens even when the body hasn’t been exposed to heat or exercise. It’s very common when people are stressed or anxious that the symptoms worsen, and it’s likely you will get very sweaty hands and feet.

The second type is secondary hyperhidrosis which is diagnosed when the sweating has been caused by another medical condition or treatment. Most commonly these conditions are: menopause, thyroid issues, cancers, heart problems, diabetes or low sugar, infections or nerve system disorders.

What are the further effects of hyperhidrosis?

For the most part excessive sweating is not going to cause you major physical health problems, however, it can leave patients more prone to infections if they have cuts on their skin.

That being said, the social and psychological impacts of excessive sweating are serious. Many people report increased anxiety and mood disorders when suffering with excessive sweating and it’s very easy to understand why. Feeling that you are always sweating obviously and that you have wet clothes can feel embarrassing as not all people will understand or empathise as to why.

How can Botox Kent help?

Botox Kent is able to stop the neural-transmission of signals to the sweat glands to stop the body activating the glands. The injections are administered to the area that is sweating, and essentially paralyses the area. We understand this can sound daunting, but can assure patients it’s a very safe and commonly used procedure. We are able to offer hands and armpits as treatments sites – if you would like some more information on this do not hesitate to contact the team at our practice. The treatment should be of minimal discomfort and has an excellent success and recovery rate. Prices vary depending on area of treatments and how many sessions are booked, but again we can talk you through the details at the practice.