Why we love Profhilo

You might not have heard of Profhilo before and that’s a real shame, as it is an amazing age defying treatment ready to bring back your youthful glow and aid your body’s natural process to keep itself generating a plump freshness. It is the first ever injectable hyaluronic treatment that actually changes the skin’s makeup and focuses on giving back skin its elasticity. It is specially designed to smooth lines and wrinkles whilst also tightening up the skin. Sounds too good to be true? Keep reading to discover more magic from Profhilo Kent. profhilo-kent

Benefits that go skin deep

Its major benefit is that this works as a skin-remodeller, it’s not just plumping up the skin, it’s actually working with the body to help it begin to start creating its own collagen again. The skin looks smoother and plumper whilst also deeply hydrating the tissue.

For those patients who are in their younger years this product is fantastic as it helps to keep stores of collagen under the skin, so as the body starts to deplete you have more stores within the skin to fall back on. It helps preserve the skin’s natural elasticity.

Profhilo Kent is fantastic for older patients, who want to use combination products and procedures. We can use dermal filler to give back shape and definition to the face and then use the Profhilo to give back the skin’s glow and stretch. Often we see patients who report as their skin ages it’s not just the volume that leaves them feeling blue, but the actual texture of their skin and what Profhilo does is, gives back that youthful feel to the skin’s texture.

So is Profhilo not a filler?

Profhilo will not alter the structure of your face, it doesn’t add volume and so patients should not see this as a what we would call a traditional filler, rather more a really good health boost to the skin. The really highly concentrated levels of hyaluronic acid that will be inserted into the skin will give you back a natural collagen boost.

The treatment itself

You’ll be pleased to know the team at Stangrove Court Dental Practice are proudly offering free consultation on Profhilo Kent to see if the treatment is right for you before you commit to a treatment plan.

The plan itself works over the course of four weeks, with two treatments. During the treatments you can have a numbing cream administered to minimise any discomfort felt, as there are five sites for the injections to be placed into.

Post procedure it’s very common for patients to see little raised bumps where the injection sites are, but these should go back to normal within a couple of days. What’s fantastic is the results last for six months, and will continue to help your body make its own collagen for this time.

Aftercare is very minimal, we recommend avoiding exercise and high levels of heat for the first few days and it’s a good idea to stay makeup free for the first twenty-four hours.